What Does mAh Rating Mean On A Battery?

What is the mAh in batteries?One of the misconceptions about the battery is that bigger battery size means a longer life in a device.

But does size really matters?

We can often see battery labels that indicate mAh?

What does mAh mean on a battery?

Is it important?

Where to find the battery capacity of my battery?

How long does my device will last?

These are just related questions related to our topic.

Let’s first start with what is mAh? mAh stands for milliampere-hour. It is commonly used to represent the energy stored in small batteries because bigger batteries are labeled in ampere.

mAh is the measure of energy that was stored in a battery. In short, mAh represents the battery life of a battery. So, if your battery has 1000 mAh, then it can supply 1000 mAh.

mAh can usually be seen on mobile batteries and power banks. Some people choose batteries with higher mAh because they believe that higher mAh can provide longer life into their devices.

If are you planning on buying a new phone with longer battery life, mAh is one thing must consider. Where can you find it? Well, if you are not aware of it, battery manufacturers indicate mAh on battery’s sticker or label behind.

Why is it important? Yes, one thing that we must not overlook when buying storage cells is mah, as it refers to the battery life. So, does higher mAh means my battery will last longer?

Well, a battery with higher mAh can have a longer life than batteries with lower mAh. However, the battery life will depend on a battery’s discharge rate.

In other words, batteries with higher mAh do not necessarily mean they have a better life.

In an example for that is a mobile phone which has a low mAh but is put on idle will have a longer life than a phone with higher mAh and was used for internet surfing.

Why? Simply because there are unusual factors that may change your mobile phone’s life such as frequent use of applications, using bright led contrast, gaming and more.

How to Accurately Calculate the Milliamp Hour?

Well, battery capacity can be calculated by taking the current rating in milliamp hour and the load current of the circuit. Use this formula to compute the milliamp hour.

Battery life = Battery capacity in mAh / Load current in mAh

So, if you have 2200mAh battery with a load of 300mA, your battery life will be 7.3 hours.

Charging Mobile Phone Using Power Bank

Most power banks indicate the number of mAh or milliamp-hour. But what should we pick? Power banks in the market differ in sizes, color, as well as their mah capacity. Some offer 2,000mAh, 10,000mAh, or even higher.

When it comes to power banks, bigger mAh means more power and more recharges for your mobile phone. However, one of the downsides having power bank with higher capacity means longer charge time.

9 Tips to Conserve Battery on Your Smartphone

Mobile phones are running with the use of batteries. That is why we’ll share some tips on how you can conserve and expand your smartphone’s battery life even if you have low battery capacity.

1. See what is draining your battery – Go to Settings then click “Battery,” to see what is consuming the battery of your phone. It will display the applications and features that use your battery. Turn off or uninstall the app or feature that you are barely using.

2. Lessen social media apps – Another way to extend your smartphone’s life is by lessening the use of social media apps such as email, twitter, and Facebook. Just enable the most significant ones.

3. Turn off unnecessary apps -Turn off data, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi because they may drain your battery quickly.

4. Power Saving mode – Enable and run your smart phone’s power saving mode. Running your smartphone on power saving mode can g extra hours on your mobile phone’s life.

5. Close the application running – From Settings then select, “Apps,” swipe to the left to look for the list of apps that currently used. Click on each one these then stop the applications that you don’t need so that they will not draw more power from your battery.

6. Remove useless live wallpaper and home screen widgets – Home screen widgets and live wallpapers can draw your cellphone’s battery life. Even if they’re seemingly inactive, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not wasting power. Remove unneeded widgets on your phone’s home screen.

7. Adjust your brightness and don’t turn it to Automatic brightness. It kindly uneasy at first especially if you used to have a bright backlight.

8. Always get your apps updated. Applications are commonly updated to lessen your battery power, from that you have to make sure that all your apps are up to date. It may lessen your phone storage that will help a lot to prolong your battery life. You may also check your phone Setting and configured it for an automatic update although some apps require a manual update.

9. Always keep your eyes on the signal of your phone. If you are in the area with a poor data connection, it is much better to go to the place with a strong signal. For some reason that it may have disadvantageous effect on the battery life for it may work harder than usual. But if you can’t go the area with a strong signal, you may Switch just switch your phone to Airplane mode only if you have nothing to do important.

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As a buyer, you have the right to choose which phone you will buy. On this generation, having a gadget with a great specification is essential.

Good battery storage is the most significant specification you must consider. Large storage of your battery may prolong your use with your device. We hope this answers your question, “what does mAh mean on a battery?”