Reconditioned Batteries For Sale Near Me

buying refurbished auto battery closed to my houseCar batteries are in fact quite expensive – a brand new one would definitely cost you some cash! And yes, they can run for some years, but nothing lasts forever – even batteries, of course.

So, is there a simple way to get functional yet cheap car batteries? The good news: There absolutely is! For those who don’t have the budget to purchase a brand new car battery, try aiming for used car batteries the next time you need a replacement.

But we’re not talking about the old and dead ones here, we’re talking about reconditioned car batteries! In comparison to a fresh battery, a reconditioned battery is way lot cheaper.

But why? Most reconditioned batteries are old, almost dead, or completely dead. To simply put, they are used.

But that won’t affect their quality at all, especially once restored properly. And what’s amazing is you can use them until you completely drain all their juices out!

Because of this, you’ll be able to save money instead of buying a new replacement. And also, you’ll get to protect our environment, too!

But here’s the question you might be asking this to yourself, “Where to find reconditioned batteries for sale near me?”.

If you’re wondering where to find the best places or shops that offer affordable reconditioned batteries, then you might want to check out and read more information below:

Local Auto Parts Shops

You can pretty easily find auto parts shops everywhere within your city. If you don’t know where they are located, you can either use a map through your phone or talk to a friend or a neighbor – both will help you figure out the nearest available auto parts store.

Since these type of shops offers almost anything your car needs, you are likely to find reconditioned batteries that would perfectly fit your car here.

Online Auto Shops

Too tired or too lazy to get up and find places that sell a restored car battery? That’s nothing to worry about. If you have an internet access in your home, try to browse online and search for online auto shops near your place.

But of course, since it’s online, they will deliver the battery directly to your home and there will be a shipping fee. Moreover, expect the shipping fee to consume a bit of your cash.

If you don’t have enough budget to pay for the shipping fee, then you might want to avoid this method. But if you have the cash and patience as the delivery can take some time, then don’t hesitate to go for it!

Local Junk Shops

There’s a high chance that you can easily get restored vehicle batteries at a local junk shop. But how? Well, they sell almost everything, and this may include a reconditioned car battery!

After all, junk shops are often located close to your area and around the city – it may only take you some few minutes drive or commute to get there.

Finding places that sell a restored battery can definitely take some of your patience, time, and effort. But it’ll be worth it once you find one – indeed! If you fail to find one, don’t give up!

Thankfully, you can recondition them on your own! Yes, that is possible – really. But before we show you how can get the most out of your battery life, then ensure to prepare and have these things first: distilled water, battery charger, syringe, and voltmeter.

Once done, proceed to the actual steps below to figure out how to properly restore your battery.

1. You want to make sure that the battery is dead first. First, try checking the battery voltage. If it is less than 12v, that’s a sign that it is completely dead.

2. Now, carefully take away the battery from your car, then the rubber of the caps, and finally, the caps. Furthermore, keep in mind that some batteries have more than 6 caps, while others have lesser than that. Just don’t forget to take out all the caps before proceeding to the next step.

3. Prepare the distilled water and fill the battery with it. Once done, go ahead and recharge it by placing the battery on a charger at least for an hour. And during the process, try not to put the caps back.

If you notice bubbles forming, then that’s good. But if not, try to switch the position of the negative and positive wires.

If a bubble formed, then that’s the correct position. Now, recharge the battery for at least 30 minutes or more.

Well, that’s how you can properly restore a car battery by yourself. Moreover, it’s important for you to take care of car batteries in order for it to perform well and live longer.

Proper Care of Car Batteries

To help you keep those precious batteries functional, we’re going to show you some tips on how to take care of them properly.

Clean the Cables

First, try to clean the top of the battery first. Then, using a post cleaner, proceed and clean corrosion from every side of the cables.

Add Water

If your battery needs water, try to use a clean, distilled water. But as much as possible, try not to overfill the cells. After adding water, let it sit there for a few hours until the water and electrolyte mix with each other.

Use Corrosion Prevention Spray

You should know that corrosion is bad for your car’s battery. If you can purchase and apply some spray that helps prevent corrosion, then that’s great. Also, it’s easier to apply. Furthermore, it’s much cheaper than buying a new battery replacement! (Read about how much is a new car battery if you are interested in).

If you’re still asking yourself this: “Where to find reconditioned batteries for sale near me?”, then let the above tips guide you.

But if you’re having a hard time getting one, don’t you worry, we’ve also provided some helpful and simple guide on how you can recondition a battery by your own and how to properly take care of them.

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