My Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On Why?

Are you also one of those who is asking, “why my dell laptop won’t turn on?” And We bet you are wondering why this happens.

Having a computer that’s not turning on when really needed is annoying and frustrating. Especially when you have to do something important or have to open a saved file on it, that is roughly in a rush.

Computers before use mainframe unlike nowadays; computers are made smaller, and more reliable. It is an electronic device we use to store and process data.

It was developed by Charles Babbage, an English Professor in the 19th century. As years passed, computers evolved as technology advances too.

They can run different programs that we often use in our jobs such as creating a presentation, files, and more. Computers are small intelligent devices which can also be used in entertainment.

We also use it in communicating. In fact, these devices made our life more convenient and comfortable.

What is better: Desktop or Laptop?

There are different kinds and brands of computer in the market. You can select from desktop computers and a wide range of laptops.

If you prefer portability, then you can choose laptop which was often called notebook, because it’s like a notebook that can be folded into two and handy. It is portable and small computers you can bring anywhere and access whatever you want.

They have their own screen or LCD, keyboard, touchpad and detachable batteries. That’s why they are perfect for school tasks, presentations, internet surfing, and personal use.

Dell as the First-Rate PC Monitor Shipper

One of the most well-known brands of laptop is dell. Dell Computer Corporation was founded by Michael Dell in 1984.

Dell is currently the number one shipper of PC monitors in the world. However, just like other computers, there are instances of computer problems or errors.

One of the difficulties some encounter with Dell laptops is the failure in turning on or booting. Have you ever experienced this and wondered why your laptop won’t turn on? Read further below to know why.

Reasons Why Laptop is Not Turning On

why my dell laptop is not turning on?You switch on your laptop, but unfortunately, it is not responding nor even showing any signs of booting up. A dead laptop can be frustrating especially when you need it for an urgent task. That’s why we shared below why your notebook is not turning on.

There are some instances that your computer or laptop won’t boot up when:

• Bad electrical connection
• Power supply failure
• AC adapter failure
• Battery Failure
• Operating system failure
• Hardware failure
• Low battery

How to Efficiently Troubleshoot Your Laptop?

After discussing above the reasons of having a dead laptop. Here, we will now share how you can troubleshoot and find out why your laptop is not turning on when you press the power button.

Bad Electrical Connection Cause

A bad electrical connection is one of the most common reasons for computer failure. It happens due to the constant heating and the cooling of the computer.

Dust and the atmospheric condition can also all play a part in this. However, most of the time this issue can be solved within a few minutes.

It may happen when there’s a loose cable, bad connection between the memory module and the motherboard, and a bad connection between the video card and the motherboard.

Check and look for any loose cable and parts. If so, turn off then plug and re-plug it then turn on your laptop.

Power Button Failure Tips

Press the power button to turn on the computer. If the computer’s power light is not turned on, then enough power is not available.

Check if your laptop’s battery has enough charge. If the battery has enough charge, then check if the battery is connected properly.

Remove and reattach the battery. If your laptop is connected into the AC outlet, check the AC outlet if it is providing enough power by plugging another electrical device.

Then, check if the power cord and AC adapter connections are secure. If your laptop still not booting up then. Either the power supply or to the battery is failing.

Faulty AC Adapter

Another reason why laptop won’t turn on is because of having a faulty AC adapter. AC adapters supplies energy to a laptop with no batteries.

Check if the adapter is working or plugged properly. If you have loose adapter, unplug and plug it again. If your AC adapter is at fault then replace it immediately.

Battery Failure and Need Replacement

If your computer is running using battery power, check the battery if it is showing battery problems. If so, remove your laptop’s battery and plug it into the outlet using the AC adapter. If the computer starts up, then the battery needs replacement.

Operating System Failure

Your laptop may fail to boot or start when the Operating Systems Fail to load. This may happen the hard disk is failing or when a malicious software or virus such as worms and trojan attacks your computer.

Hardware Failure

Your laptop will also fail to start when its hardware such as hardware and motherboard stops working correctly.

Your battery is drain

Your laptop won’t turn on if the battery is drained. So, if the battery light is blinking, then it is indicating a low battery. Plug your laptop into the outlet using the AC adapter to start your laptop and to charge it.

Contact Dell’s Customer Service

If your computer’s problem still persists and you’re not aware to the problem then try contacting a Dell expert to ask for further help. Also, if your laptop is still under its warranty, then you can take it back so they can fix or replace it.

Laptops are small portable devices that store a massive number of files and data. It makes our life easier and faster.

In fact, having a dead laptop while you’re a working an important task is troublesome. That is why in this article, we have provided the steps you can use and follow to troubleshoot your computer.

This article solves why my Dell laptop won’t turn on. We hope this helps you to boot up your Dell Laptop again!

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