iPhone Batteries Lifespan Review : How Long Do They Last?

The iPhone battery lifespan varies with the model. iPhone 6 battery is so bad that people want a recall and though iPhone 6s battery is a little better, it is still bad enough to ruin an otherwise good phone. Batteries of iPhone 5, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are great improvements over all other models.

iPhone 5 Battery Lifespan

The iPhone 5 battery lifespan is being said to last somewhere between 500-1000 cycles. That means if you charge the phone once a day, then your phone battery can last around two years.

When you have had the phone for a year, then you get around 8 hours of battery life. The problem worsens with time. This has decent battery duration, but newer models should see even more improvement.

The battery of this phone deteriorates faster when you expose the phone to a lot of heat. But overall this version of the iPhone is being noted as one with the best battery life out of all iPhone models.

A trick to increase the battery life is that you should not work with a low signal and you should switch off all notifications coming from apps. Turn the auto brightness option off to get a better battery life.

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iPhone 6 Battery Lifespan

It takes only four hours for iPhone 6 battery to get completely discharged. The battery automatically goes from 50% to 30%, and then 0% and the phone directly shuts off.

That is not all because when the battery is below 40%, then sometimes the owners of the Iphone6 experience calls getting disconnected on their own. This explains how bad iPhone 6 battery lifespan is.

Moreover, Apple advices people to shut down the iPhone 6 phone when multiple apps are running. There is some problem with the battery lifespan because the customers who have gone to iPhone stores have had their battery replaced without any questions asked and in many cases, their fee has also been waived.

The question remains will Apple recall iPhone 6? There are two reasons why a product is recalled. The first reason is that the product is a hazard and when the company wants its goodwill to be maintained, and second when the federal agency tells the company to withdraw its product.

But in the case of iPhone 6, it looks like the company is not in a mood to recall and states very few customers are facing the problem. It looks like the company is still waiting to see the fate of the phone.

In any case, the problem of the iPhone 6 lifespan is a major one. To quote the exact figure, the battery of iPhone 6 is an 1810 mAh battery.

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iPhone 6S Battery Lifespan

Here’s a review the iPhone 6s battery lifespan. The simple answer is that it is a very good phone ruined by its very short battery life.

The battery feature was one aspect that the majority of the buyers wanted improvement in their new iPhone, but they didn’t get it, and the battery of this phone is still an issue it seems.

The phone had to be lighter, and for that reason, the size of the battery was compromised, and there is a huge group of people who would have been ok with a heavier phone and wanted a better battery life. The battery gets depleted very fast.

It is being believed that Apple technicians are working hard to find a way where the phone remains ultra-thin, and the battery life improves. An approximate estimate is that the battery of iPhone 6s lasts around 14 hours.

Watching online videos and using GPS drains the battery pretty quick, with screen brightness being also a factor in the battery consumption.

iPhone 7 Battery Lifespan

Another version of the iPhone which is a tad better than all its other older models is iPhone 7. Your video watching experience improves with this model. The iPhone 7 battery lifespan sees an improvement of 10% over other models.

The speed at which it gets charged is good, too. At the same time and usage, the iPhone 7 loses 23% battery where the other models would lose 30% battery, so there is a marked improvement. The battery of iPhone 7 lasts two hours more than other iPhones.

As far as the comparison to the competitors of iPhone is considered, the other phones charge much quicker, but maybe Apple has not incorporated the fast charging feature because that is bad for the overall performance and durability of the phone.

But the conclusion is that despite the betterment, Apple still has a huge way to go, and many more improvements can be made to the battery life of the Apple phones.

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iPhone 8 Battery Lifespan

iPhone 8 battery lifespan is going to be our last topic of discussion. This version is slightly more substantial but not so much that its weight stands out, and it is also a tad bit bigger.

But because of its dimensions and weight, it looks a bit outdated despite being the newest.
It is fragile since it has been given a glass back.

The battery life is way better than other models, which is a big plus. The other models consume 25% battery for the same work under same conditions where the battery consumed for this model is only 10%. This model charges much quicker, too.

Taking a look at the battery, let us discuss the composition of this battery and what makes this battery last longer, and charge faster. It is a battery that cannot be removed from the phone. Lithium polymer is in the composition.

Its low power mode acts to prolong battery life and can be enabled manually. The charger provided can charge the battery completely in 30 minutes after being fully depleted.

What Can You Say About it

Overall it can be said that the iPhone battery lifespan is a big disappointment taking into account the bomb that these phones cost and the brand value.

How about you, are you happy or disappointed with the performance of your iPhone? Be sure to share your experience in the comments section below.

If you have any questions on how you can make the battery of your iPhone last longer, drop us an email, and we’ll be sure to help you out.

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