The Best iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Kit For 2018

using a kit to replace an iphone 5 batteryKeeping up with the phase of technology and trying to get the latest Apple gadgets like iPhone is obviously expensive and impractical. Since the massive manufacturing company releases a new model every year.

So if you are an Apple user but doesn’t have the capability of keeping up with the phase of technology. Being contented and satisfied with the iPhone model you have is your best bet to get a hold of Apple’s technology.

However, if in case the battery of your smartphone is showing signs of giving up. Then it can be bad news for you!

Fortunately, in a case like this, you will have several options that you can choose to try to keep your device good as new. One of these options is by looking for a battery replacement kit for your iPhone model.

This article will guide you on how to choose the best iPhone 5 battery replacement kit for your device. It will also provide you a lot of information regarding the options you have in attempting to revive your smartphone. Allowing you to save your device and give it a new life. (Check how long does an iPhone 5 battery last).

Three Options You Have to Try to Replace Your iPhone Battery

If you are looking for a way to revive your iPhone or replace its battery, you will have three options to choose from. However, before talking about these options, you first have to consider several things before deciding to replace your battery.

Before deciding to replace your smartphone’s battery, you first have to make sure that you check the warranty on your phone.

The process of replacing your iPhone’s power cell will involve cracking the device open which may void your phone’s warranty. If your iPhone is more than a year, then the warranty is probably expired.

But if you purchased the AppleCare+ plan for your phone, then you have to check if you are still entitled to a FREE battery replacement.

To get to our main business, let us assume that the phone warranty is already expired. Then you are free whatever you want to do with your device.

Here are the best options that you have to replace your iPhone 5’s battery:

● Seek for Apple’s Refuge – When it comes to issues like this, the best option for you is to ask for the manufacturer’s help and in this case, Apple. The company offers special battery replacement service for a price of $79.

The service covers any iPhone model, and they also make sure that your device will be good as new when the process is done. You can avail this service by visiting the nearest authorized Apple dealer in your area and tell them about your problem.

The process will take up to five business days, so you will have to leave your device in the shop and return for it.

● Third Party Professional Service – Another option you have is to go to third party professionals or businesses offering a battery replacement service. You can check out the local phone repair shops within your area and ask them if they offer the service.

You can also use the service called iCracked which is not a recognized Apple Certified Service Provider. However, it is a company that offers very convenient service where it can dispatch a technician to your chosen location and repairs your phone in less than an hour.

Availing this kind of service varies according to the phone model, but typically it may cost within the range of $50 to $100.

● Do It Yourself Option – If you are on tight budget, a cheaper option is to replace your iPhone battery yourself. This is the cheapest option you have, but it requires a lot of effort, patience, and attention.

iPhone battery replacement kits are available from countless sources including Amazon, eBay and even the local phone repair shops near you. You can avail these kits from as low as $10 to $30, depending on the model that you are looking for.

In this option, you will conduct a nerve-racking process that has a great chance of committing mistakes. So having some video tutorials that you can follow will be a great help.

Committing mistakes while carrying out the operation may lead you to a bricked phone. So if you are going to choose this option, then you have to make sure that you do it carefully and properly.

The Best iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Available this 2018

If you already made up your mind and decided to go for the third option on the list above. Make sure to be very careful in carrying out the necessary steps in the process.

To help you choose a good battery replacement kit for your iPhone 5, here is a list of the top five kits available this year:

iP5 Battery Model by ScandiTech

One of the most recommended iPhone 5 battery replacement kits on the market today is the ScandiTech iP5 Battery Model. This kit is or set contains all the tools that you need for the incredibly small strips and screws within your iPhone. It is a complete set that includes a 1440 mAh battery for iPhone 5 and all the tools that you will need to carry out the procedure of replacing your battery. This replacement set also includes a one-year standard warranty promotes peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the very meticulous process.

The 4 Smarts iPhone 5 Replacement Kit

Next on the list is the iPhone 5 battery replacement set of 4 Smarts which is one of the most affordable kits available today. As a replacement kit that contains all the required tools to carry out the battery replacement process properly, this is a very cost-effective option for giving your iPhone 5 a new life. The kit includes the everything that you need for the replacement process and the standard 1440 mAh power cell which is compatible with iPhone 5.

HoneyBull iP5 Replacement Battery Kit

From the tools that you need for disassembling your device and every gizmo necessary for replacing your iPhone 5 power cell as well as the standard 1440 mAh iP5 battery, this kit has them all. The HoneyBull Replacement Battery Kit for iPhone 5 is a set that contains everything you need to ensure that process of replacing your smartphone’s battery will go smoothly and with ease. Priced at $12.99, this all in one kit is one of the products on the market that has very high customer rating. This kit also includes a LIFETIME warranty that adds to its excellent features, making it one of the iP5 kits in the market today.

Daxtromn Model iP5 Replacement Battery and Kit

Here’s another iPhone 5 battery replacement kit complete with all the tools and gizmos that you need for disassembling your device and replacing its battery. Complete with standard iPhone 5 battery model, disassembling tools, other essential gadgets and a detailed instruction manual, this kit will provide you complete and pleasant experience. Including a two-year (24 months) warranty, this extremely reliable kit is considered as one of the top choices when it comes battery replacement kits.