iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Cost

how much does iphone5 replacement cost?Are you type of person who prefers to use Apple products over Android devices and content with an aging iPhone which is still perfectly fine with the exception of the battery? Then, you are not alone dealing with this kind of issue.

A lot of iPhone users today with aging models are complaining about the reduced runtime of their batteries, especially for iPhone 5. With an old battery, this is a natural issue that can’t be avoided since all Li-ion batteries lose their capacity in the long run.

However, most Apple devices tend to run slower when they detect aged batteries which can be a problem for users.

When your device reaches this point, you will have three options to choose from. First is to purchase a new a device which is obviously pricey. Second is to compromise and use a battery case or replace the battery of your smartphone. Looking at this option the cheapest and most convenient choice is to replace your battery.

This article will provide you everything that you have to know when it comes to replacing your iPhone 5 battery. It will give you an idea on how can you replace your battery and the iPhone 5 battery replacement cost.

This guide will also introduce you to the options that you have for replacing your iPhone 5 battery and talk about each of them. Allowing you to get a better picture and help you decide the best option that will give your smartphone a new life.

Be Sure to Check the Warranty on Your Device

The process of replacing your iPhone’s battery will involve a step that will crack your device open which can be void the warranty of your phone. So before making up your mind to replace your phone’s battery make sure to check your device is still covered.

However, if your device has been with for more than a year, then its warranty is likely to be expired. So, to directly go to the main point. Let us assume that your iPhone’s warranty has already expired.

The Cost of Replacing An iPhone Battery to Extend its Life

When it comes to the process of replacing your old iPhone 5 battery or any other model of the device. There are three different options that you can choose from and depending on what you will choose, the cost of the actual process will vary according to a lot of factors.

So, putting an estimated price for this process is a tough order of business. However, by taking a look at each option, we can determine the cost of the process based on the factors covered by each of them.

To get a better picture and to give you an idea of how much will it cost you to replace iPhone 5 battery. We will take about each choice that you have and take a look at how each method works.

Three Ways of Getting Your iPhone Battery Replaced

To get an idea of the cost of replacing an iPhone battery, we first have to understand that there are three different ways of doing it. Each of this method will involve the same process but different approach, allowing them to have different costs.

To get to know these methods, you can refer below:

Asking Professional Help to Replace Your iPhone 5 Battery

If you are looking to replace your iPhone battery, the first option you have is to seek professional help. In this method, you will have two different options to choose from.

The first and probably the best choice of all the three methods is to let Apple replace your iPhone battery. Then your second method is to ask a third party professional or a company like local phone repair shops or iCracked for the service.

Choosing the Option that Involves Apple

If you are going to select the first method which is seeking professional help from Apple, then you are definitely in good hands. In case you purchased an extended “Apple Care Plus” plan for your phone, there’s a great chance that you are still entitled to a FREE battery replacement.

Otherwise, you will have to avail Apple’s battery replacement service that costs $79 plus $6.95 shipping fee.

For this option, you will have to visit the nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider within your area and then avail the service. This option ensures that your iPhone 5 will have a brand new battery to give your device a new life.

However, this methods will require you to leave your phone to Apple for a few days (typically five working days) until your device is sent back to the service provider where you avail the service.

Availing the Service from A Third Party Company or Contractor

If five working days is too long for you, then this option can be the perfect method for you because this normally takes a few hours or a day. Allowing you to wait for your device and bring it with you on that same day.

Your second option is to go to a third party company or professional and avail the battery replacement service. iCracked is a third party company that offers a great range of phone repair services.

They even dispatch professional technicians to a client’s chosen location and do the repairs on the spot. Normally, services like this that can be more convenient for clients cost $50 to $85 depending on the device model and the extra fee.

In this method, you can also take your iPhone to local cell phone repair shops that offer a battery replacement service. Typically, phone repair shops charge from $50 to $90 for this replacement service.

It may go higher if the device model old enough that makes it difficult to source for compatible parts. So, with this information, we can say that the cost of the service from third-party professionals may range from $50 all the way to $90 or maybe more.

Do It Yourself Option to Replace Your iPhone Battery

Your third option which is also the cheapest method is to replace the battery of your iPhone 5 by yourself. This is a method that requires a lot of effort, patience and the focus because you are going to carry out the nail-biting and meticulous process.

If you decide to choose this option, you have to keep in mind that you are going to carry out a very sensitive procedure where you can easily make a mistake.

Ideally, having a video tutorial of the process and keeping the instruction manual near you will be a great help to guide through the entire process. Since losing your focus while you’re in the middle of the operation will lead to a bricked phone.

The great thing about this option is that it will cost you way cheaper compared to the other two. All you need to do in this option is to purchase the compatible battery replacement kit priced within the range of $10 to $35.

These kits are also available from a wealth of sources including eBay and Amazon!

Final Thoughts

If you are worried because your aging iPhone 5 or any other model is starting to show the signs of a depleting battery. Don’t be, because there’s still hope and you have three options to give your old device new life. (By the way, read our article about lifespan of iPhone 5).

Aside from the options of purchasing a new device or using a battery case, you can opt to replace the battery of your aging unit. It is a cheaper and more convenient choice that will provide you three different methods of procedure.

All of them are discussed above so that you can keep this material for your future reference. It provided you the information regarding the iPhone 5 battery replacement cost for each method and the important things that you have to consider.