How To Recondition Hybrid Battery : Does It Really Work?

Are you interested to know about hybrid batteries? In this post, We’ll share with you what we know about them. Most importantly, We’ll also show you how to recondition hybrid batteries.

What is Hybrid Battery?

Let’s start with how they function so that we’ll understand how they work better. The functioning of the hybrid batteries is similar to other batteries wherein there are two electrodes where all the electric charge is collected and then emitted.

These electrodes are placed in an ion-rich solution which is called electrolyte. There is a polymer film which is called a separator mainly because of the functioning. This separator is used to avoid any touching of the electrodes which are placed close to each other.

There is a switch for on and off that provides power to the battery. When this switch is powered on then, the chemical reaction takes place inside the battery.

The elements in one electrode are attracted to other molecules because of their chemical state which ultimately produces energy.

The ions of the negative electrodes give the electrons, and the positive ones attract them. Electrons that are released in this process travel through the device, creating the charge in the opposite direction.

When the recharging is done, the same process is reversed, and the electrons are forced back into the cell. The total energy determines the electric range in any vehicle, and the power determines the acceleration of the same.

What to Do When Hybrid Battery Fails?

Most of these hybrid batteries come with a warranty. The batteries are replaced or exchanged in case of failure within the warranty period.

When they cease to perform outside this warranty period, then you might immediately think of buying a new one. The cost of the battery is huge, and a smart decision could be hybrid battery repair.

We’ll show you the steps on how you can repair your hybrid battery. This is cost effective and an easy process that anyone can do.

Let’s begin!

Steps to Revive a Hybrid Battery

There are primary two parts of this battery restoring process. This is balancing the battery pack and discharging the battery. The process of discharging or balancing is done a few numbers of times to repair the battery.

What the process does is that it breaks down the crystal formation and restores the lost power of the battery while equalizing the cell voltage levels.

Here are the steps that you can follow to revive your hybrid battery:

1) The first step in the process is charging the battery to its full capacity. Do it until the battery voltage stops rising any further.

2) With the help of voltage termination points, discharge the battery to 0.8 volts per cell.

3) Repeat the charging process and charge the battery to its maximum capacity again.

4) Again with the help of Voltage termination points discharge the battery to a 0.5v per cell.

5) Repeat the charging process for the third time let the battery to charge its full capacity until the voltage meter stops charging.

6) Now, again using the voltage termination points discharge the battery power to 0.1volts per cell.

7) Let the battery charge again for one last time. This time, check for the voltage until it stops rising but do not stop the charging. Let it run for a few more hours just to make sure that the battery is fully charged.

8) After few hours, stop the charging and leave the battery untouched for about 30 minutes.

The battery reconditioning process is done!

The vehicle can be started using this battery with revived power. If ever you feel that there is lack of time or the battery still has a good capacity, the same process can be done twice instead of three times.

The process, as mentioned above, is more than enough to change the battery capacity. But there are situations when the battery is not revived with the above mentioned eight steps.

This means that the battery has some failed modules. In such cases reconditioning alone will not be effective and a physical replacement of the modules will be required so that the lost power is regained.

Safety comes first

Safety should be the priority while fixing the batteries. This should include the use of safety gloves and glasses in the first step. Ensure that the battery is not leaking at the time of recharging should be wiped clean to avoid any sparks.

There should be no cross connections and all the equipment used should be of high quality. The process is time-consuming, but in no way, one should ignore the safety to save time.

What You Can Do Next

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