How Long should iPhone 6 Battery Last Before Replacement?

iPhone 6 Battery Lasting How Long?Are you one of those Apple products user that are having concerns with iPhone battery life, especially the iPhone 6?

If yes, then you will probably want to read along through this whole article. Apart from it will provide you the important point that will let understand the device’s battery behaviour, it will also allow you to understand your own device usage.

Which is one of the most direct factor that causes the battery’s behaviour. This article will also give you an idea on how should iPhone 6 battery last according to its performance benchmark and what Apple claims about it.

This article will also provide several basic tweaks or device settings configurations that will help you save battery life. Allowing you to use the device longer without connecting it to a power source.

Understanding your entire battery usage will give you an idea of what are the things that causes your battery to be quickly depleted. That will allow you to do the necessary adjustments to save battery life.

So before we go to good stuff, let us first get understand the important points that we have to know about the iPhone 6 and it battery.

Understanding the iPhone 6 Battery and What it Has to Offer

When iPhone 6 was released last 2014, Apple claimed that the device is equipped with a battery that is 25% more longer lasting compared to the iPhone 5’s.

The new device will have the A8 processor which is more energy efficient than the A7 processor installed on in it predecessor.

The processor draws 50%less power so it will extend the device’s battery life, allowing users to have longer usage and also allowing them to enjoy the device more.

Due to this new processor combined with excellent synergy, state of the art display technology as well as its patented iOS operating system, iPhone 6 is a device that doesn’t need a bigger battery for it power.

How Battery Usage Affects the Rate of Power

Now that we know what the iPhone 6 battery has to offer, we can now start to understand how your battery usage will affect the rate of power drain on your phone.

Every smartphone battery will promise a certain amount of time for talk time, internet usage, video playback, audio playback and standby time.

These amounts are true, in reality, no user will use the phone exclusively for phone calls, playing videos or a specific something right?

In that case, a smartphone won’t last 8 hours if the user uses it for phone calls, internet browsing and listening to music.

This is because each function will require a sufficient amount of power to execute the function.

So changing the way you use your iPhone 6 and prioritizing the functions that you need will allow you to enjoy longer battery life.

If you are type of user that is using your phone where all of these functions are used, then that will lead to shorter battery life and higher rate of power drain.

You can also check out your battery usage by going to settings and selecting battery usage. That will bring you to a window where you will see the things that are using a lot of battery.

Knowing these things will give you an idea on how you can save battery life and preserve it for more important things.

Some Basic iPhone 6 Tweaks that Will Help You Save Battery Life

Now that you understand how your device usage directly affect your battery life, you will now have an idea on how to preserve it.

You will also have the idea of how can you minimize the load on your device’s battery to extend its life.

To furtherly extend battery life, here some tweaks and settings configuration that you can do.

Note: Some of these tweaks will alter the device configuration that you currently have.

Adjust Your Device’s Brightness Settings

Adjusting your brightness level to a more comfortable and dimmer level will reduce the load on your battery. You can observe it when your phone goes into power saving mode.

If your device is in power saving mode, it becomes dimmer, the brightness level is set to the lowest and it turns into a black and white setting.

It is because, once the brightness is low, the lower the amount of power the backlights need. So if you are always on the go and you need to preserve your battery, make sure to adjust your brightness level.

Use Airplane Mode on Locations with Bad Services

setup an airplane mode to save battery lifeOne of the most power demanding process on smartphones is the when they keep searching for signal. It requires a lot of power and it keeps them working hard if they are not getting any response.

So if you are going to place that is known to be a dead zone, make sure to turn on the airplane mode. That will keep your phone from looking for a signal and will preserve your battery big time.

Turning Off the Location Services

Leaving the location service feature turned on will have its toll on your battery. Since your phone will run a background process that will keep its location updated on certain time interval.

With this, the background process will keep on running and it will also keep on using the device’s battery causing it to drain a lot faster than the usual.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know how long should iPhone 6 battery last, the best thing to do is to check your battery usage, because its battery will depend on how you use your device. By doing so, you have an idea of what are the things or processes that eats a lot of battery.

Giving you an idea on how the power is distributed on your entire smartphone. This article will teach you how to preserve your battery life by helping you understand how relationship of device usage and the rate of power drain.

Keeping these things in mind will help you preserve battery life and give you an idea of how you can unleash the full potential of your device.