How Long Does Laptop Battery Last?

Do you ever wonder about how long does laptop battery last? The laptop once fully charged provides a battery power for 4 to 5 hours. This often gets affected by the number of other factors like what programs are being run on the laptop.

The programs that use memory-intensive and highly demanding programs reduce the life of the battery. Simpler programs like looking at emails or running word programs do not eat a lot of battery life.

This also makes the battery lives longer. When using the laptop reducing the screen brightness and reducing the resolution also have dramatic effects on the run time of the battery.

With age and use the battery slows down after years. The charge capacity decreases as the laptop is used for long. The life of any battery runs for a year or two before it dies out entirely.

In the early stages, the battery that runs 4-5 hours comes down to 1-2 hours and then demands a continuous charge. If the battery is unplugged at the right time, then the overcharging will not ruin the life of the battery.

What Makes a Battery Die?

The way in which the laptop is used makes a lot of impact on the life of the battery. Some habits that affect the battery negatively are :

Running too many programs can lead to draining the battery. The laptop often runs too many programs, and the problem arises when the programs run in the background when other programs run on the forefront.

Using the laptop with high brightness. This battery brightness drains all the battery power and reduces the battery life.

Listening to continuous music when using the laptop. This will not come as a surprise to many that they listen to music when they are working on the laptop. The speaker drains a lot of power from the system that ultimately reduced the battery life.

Using the apps or letting them run even when not using them. How often do we leave the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on when they are not in use? These apps eat a lot of power even when running in the background.

Not using power-saving mode when needed. When it is appropriate, use these modes so that the battery can go into a saving mode and not run out of energy.

High temperature has a negative effect on the battery. Exposing the battery to extreme heat leads to a major problem. Do not leave the laptop in the charging mode when the not in use. Charge the laptop only when it is close to 0% charging. If the laptop is overheating, it is better to check the condition. An expert can be consulted before replacement decision is taken.

Getting the battery wet. If there is moisture or any water around the battery then it, for sure, is negatively affected. The life of any battery depends on the way it is used, and water can lead to spoiling it.

Reconditioning the Laptop Battery

If the laptop battery is not running in the appropriate manner a good way to recondition it is by using the following method:

An efficient method is to put the battery in the freezer, yes you heard it correct. You need to take the Laptop battery out of the device. Now put this battery in a ziplock pouch.

Put the pouch in the freezer for about 24 hours. There should be no moisture inside this ziplock bag so that the battery remains dry.

Take the battery out of the freezer but do not use it just yet. Leave it for about 5-6 hours so that it comes back to normal temperature. You do not have to put it outside. Leave it in the room.

Now fully charge this battery with the help of the charger. There will be definite power performance improvement in the battery.

Make sure that there is no leakage and the battery is not too hot when putting it in the freezer.

If the battery is not revived even with freezing then maybe it is time to get it replaced, or you can learn from the best way to restore a laptop battery.

It is still advised that the battery should be checked and you ought to try to revive it as replacing the battery comes at a cost.

What’s Next?

Now that you know how long does laptop battery last, are you surprised that you can actually revive a failing battery?

There are more methods to do this. If you want to know more, send us an email, and we’ll get back to you will other valuable information that you can use for different types of batteries.