Fix Android Battery Draining Problems, It’s Dying Too Fast!

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to make an urgent call, but you notice that your android battery is draining too fast? At times like this, what should you do?

It is important that you know the root of the problem first. What’s the reason behind the fast battery drain? Let’s find out more about it.

The reason for a fast drain is most likely Google Services or Google Play which are part of the phone and which make sure that the apps that are on the phone stay updated automatically.

Sometimes when the Google services are operating, they get stuck and cause huge battery drainage, and it happens unexpectedly. Plus, you get no notification and suddenly by the time you notice it has hit critical levels.

There are android battery drain apps as well. These following apps are very taxing for the battery life of the Android mobile phone. (For Laptop users, you can check the laptop battery life from here).

Apps that Eat Up Android Battery

First, the most cumbersome app for an android phone is the Snap Chat. It is heavy in the memory as well. Unsurprisingly the next such app is Netflix. Use this app with display brightness at the lowest level to protect battery life.

The third app we all have which shortens the battery life is Amazon. The first reason for Amazon being bad for the battery is because it wasn’t designed in a way to be well synced to Android, and second because it has lots of updates every day and now and then.

This combined leads to battery life going off too soon!

What to Do to Avoid Draining Your Android Battery

The next thing to be done is removing apps using most battery. For this, the solution is installing OS monitor. This will display CPU usage by every app.

Enable notifications from OS monitor. Keep track of the CPU usage. If you see no activity on your phone, but the CPU usage shows green for a very long time, then there is suspicious activity. Check and see which app is highest for CPU usage list.

Also, check the app using most memory and status quo for those apps. Hold down on that app button and press the “kill” button. You should uninstall the app from settings> apps menu.

But, there could be another reason that your battery life is vanishing so soon. There might be a virus on your phone which may have come when you installed the latest app for cool new wallpapers.

For checking a virus, you should buy a good paid antivirus and remove the malware by deleting it when the phone is in safe mode. If this doesn’t work, then get a factory reboot.

We have discussed why our android phones sometimes lose battery life pretty quickly and without any notifications, the apps which are consuming most of your battery life, and the possibility of an android OS battery drain virus hampering the battery life.

Now let us look at a fix for how to prevent quick battery drainage from happening.

Tricks You Can Try

When you do notice that you have little battery left, you can immediately try this trick. Reboot the phone. What this does is that the task which is causing the problem returns to normal pace and operations become standard, too.

Also, go to the phone settings, and check which app is using most the battery (it could be a third party app if it is not Google services) then that is your offender app, and you must immediately uninstall that app.

The next quick fix is also reboot related, but this works when your battery is fully charged. So, fully charge your battery to 100%, and then reboot in the mode called recovery.

The recovery mode you could use is ClockworkMod recovery which comes along with ROM manager.

In the ClockworkMod recovery, you will see a battery wipe in the advanced portion. There you will see a submenu, and you have to choose the option that says “Wipe battery stats”.

Confirm the wipe and then hit reboot again. This reboot option will appear in the main menu and then choose the option “reboot system now”.

Also, there are few settings that should be right on your phone to ensure that in general, your battery life is enhanced.

In the settings section, go to display, and then to brightness and uncheck the automatic brightness option.

There you will also see a slider to adjust brightness manually so keep that at a minimum level. Do not use the notification light, keyboard sound, and vibration.

Another big mistake we make that harms battery life, and in turn, the phone performance and phone life are that we leave our internet connections working at all times.

Nothing eats battery faster. Switch off your internet connections when sleeping and preferably also when you are not using the internet.

Other day to day things that improve the battery life are using the charger which you got with your phone and no other charger.

This is a common fix, and we all know it, but we do not practice it. Doing all these means, you have a phone good as new. You can learn the method of doing this for any battery by reviewing the page on how to recondition battery!

What You Can Do Next

Now that you know some of the reasons why your android battery is draining too fast, you can do some of the tricks we have shared with you here as well.

Try them out so that you know what will work on your phone battery. Make sure to follow the steps we have provided.

If you want to know more, send us an email, and we’ll get back to you with more information that will surely be useful for prolonging battery life.