How To Dispose Of LiPo Battery Packs Properly?

Ways to despose a lipo battery pakLiPo battery 12v allows remote control cars to run. However, necessary disposal is required if you have one. So, here’s how to dispose a LiPo storage cell properly.

Technology creeps fast as a simple toy car suddenly evolved into a radio-controlled car or merely RC cars. This cars and toys nowadays are indeed popular.

But what is the secret behind these toys that keep them running? Well, that’s no other than LiPo batteries.

LiPo battery is a short-term for Lithium polymer battery. LiPo battery is a rechargeable battery and is said to provide higher energy than different lithium-battery types.

By the way, you can also read about how to dispose of lithium batteries.

It is the newer type of battery that is seen commonly on radio-controlled toys such as drones, RC cars, smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

However, misuse of LiPo batteries may result in ignition or explosion. You can dispose your battery quickly by looking for a local battery disposal service.

But if you prefer homemade battery disposal, we have prepared a guide on how to dispose of LiPo batteries below.

LiPo Disposal

If you are planning on disposing of an old LiPo battery, make sure that you have discharged it entirely to 0 volts.

However, it is not recommended to discharge LiPo battery if it is physically damaged. Then to ensure that there is no charge left in the battery, sever the discharge lead and distort voltage and ground wires simultaneously.

Also, batteries must be cooldown before disposal. And lastly, is to take it to your local battery recycling facility.

Steps on Ways to dispose LiPo cells and pack

• Do not discharge LiPo cell with physical damage.

• To avoid further costs, always put the battery in a fireproof container or bucket of sand.

• LiPo batteries are environmentally friendly; you can wrap your batteries in newspaper or tissue before throwing it away.

Ways of discharging a LiPo Battery

There are many ways to discharge a LiPo battery before entirely disposing it away.

You can try these methods below:

• Discharger Method – You can discharge your battery using your charger if it has a discharge function. Always remember to discharge your battery using small current for your safety. However, some dischargers do not discharge a battery completely. If so, try to consider other methods in discharging your LiPo battery.

• Light Bulb Method – One of the most popular LiPo battery discharging tool is a light bulb because it discharges the battery quickly and efficiently. In using the Lightbulb method, avoid using LED light bulbs because they have a forward voltage that stops the discharging when the voltage drops a certain level. It’s best to use Halogen bulbs for Lightbulb method.

• Salt Water Method – This method may be time-consuming because it is the slowest discharging method. It discharges the battery slowly and completely. However, if corrosion occurs discharging may happen to slow down or completely stops.

• Physical Destroy Method – Destroying LiPo battery physically is the most dangerous method because it is fired hazardous and the smoke from this is not good to breathe in.

When to dispose a LiPo battery?

LiPo batteries can be charged and discharged more than a hundred times.

Here are some situations when to dispose your LiPo battery:

• If the battery becomes unsafe to charge and use.

• If your LiPo battery turns old.

NIMH vs. LIPO Battery

Between NIMH and LiPo battery, the LiPo battery has the upper hand over NIMH battery. LiPo battery is lighter and smaller than NIMH battery.

It is also much lighter in weight and comes from different sizes and shapes. It also has a higher capacity and has a higher discharge rate than NIMH battery.

However, LiPo batteries are more fragile and require special care for charging, discharging and storage.

On the contrary, NIMH battery which is also known as Nickel – Metal Hydride Battery is easier to use and cost less than LiPo.

Proper Care on LiPo Battery

Always use a compatible charger on your LiPo battery to avoid damaging effects and to balance the voltage of each cell in a battery pack. Balance on LiPo batteries plays a significant role in the battery performance.