How To Recondition Cell Phone Battery Quickly

Isn’t it irritating when our cell phone battery drains too quickly? There must be something wrong with the battery. We’ll show you how to recondition cell phone batteries so you won’t be needing to purchase a new one. This process will save you money in the long run.

A plus is that you now have an added skill and you can share it with your family and friends as well. Before teaching you the process, let us first understand some of the common issues we face with our mobile phone batteries.

Usual Issues of Mobile Phone Batteries

Before learning the ways to revive dead batteries for a cell phone, let us first look at the usual problems that we face when using our mobile phones.

Most of us encounter many battery issues. These are mainly related to the phone battery that dies fast. We get irritated with these problems.

The common issues are:

・Phone restarts automatically – This is a common problem where the battery does not provide power and the phones switch off automatically. The phone then connects to the battery power and restarts on its own. The main issues reported for this problem is that the battery is losing and does not fit properly in the jack.

・The battery drains quickly – This problem is often faced with old cell phones. This could be due to the overuse of media, and some of the apps need to be uninstalled, especially those that are no longer in use. In such cases check the battery if there is a bulge, then it is likely that there is an internal leak which is causing the battery not to perform at its optimum level.

・No charging even when plugged in – The problem is when the cell phone is plugged in for charging but does not get charged. There will be no sound and no lights when the phone is plugged in for charging. If, after repeated attempts, there is no charge, then there are serious issues with the battery.

・Overheating – Another problem is the phone heating up. This problem arises when there is the battery starts heating up. This increases when the phone is put for charging.

・There is no holding of charge – The charging happens quickly, and the battery shows that it is charged completely and with just minimum use the phone leaves all the charging. It is not able to hold the charge for long and asks for the quick recharging option.

The battery is the main element which provides the power to the cell phone. If there is an issue, then the battery is the first thing that should be checked.

Types of Phone Batteries

Cell phones have many different types of batteries being used. Mostly, the type of the particular phone and the choice of the manufacturer is the deciding factor on the kind of battery used.

Mostly there are four common types of batteries that are used in making batteries :

1)Lithium-Ion – This is a new technology that provides high power to the battery. This kind of battery is expensive because of the power it provides to a mobile phone. There are no memory effects that the batteries are prone to, and thus, they are highly preferred by today’s new age phones. Most of the charging of the cell phone is done before the battery is fully drained which leads to the battery memory effect, spoiling the battery in the long run. For more information about Lithium Ion, check this out.

2)Lithium Polymer – This is the most advanced batteries that are available in the market. It is packed in plastic which makes these batteries lightweight and highly safe for use. There is no diminishing of charge when the batteries are charged, and also they do not suffer from any memory effects.

3)Nickel Cadmium – These were used due to high power performance. The manufacturers now do not use this battery type more often as they suffer from the problem of memory effect. This means that battery, when charged before the discharge, keep it in memory and discharge soon. These batteries also use some toxic material which is not considered environmentally-safe. These batteries may even lead problems for the users in case of any leak. Due to the toxic material when these batteries are disposed of, they can create problems. Particular maintenance should be taken when disposing of these batteries to protect the environment.

4)Nickel Metal Hydride – This battery is known for its high power performance. It provides, even more, power more than Nickel Cadmium batteries, at least 30% and 40% more. It is environment-friendly as there is no chemical and toxic material in them. Because of this, this kind of battery is highly popular and preferred by the manufacturers.

Reconditioning Mobile Phone Batteries at Home

When the cell phones battery dies too quickly, most of us resort to throwing it away. What you’ll be learning here can help you in reconditioning the battery that you have.

Many simple kits can help the cell phone users to save some money and use the same batteries for a little longer.

The replacement of the batteries comes with a price. It may be an added problem for the users. These batteries, when disposed of quickly, may even lead to environmental issues as the chemicals can contribute greatly to the increasing pollution.

Many kits are available online. The problems with these kits are that they are highly expensive and they might not be the right step.

Of course, these kits are highly helpful yet spending so much is not a good idea. The better option is to pick and choose all these items that are in the kit from different places which will lead to the creation of the kit at half the price.

Here are some of the tools that you will be needing :

・Multimeter – This reads the voltage of the batteries and is also used to restore the power of these batteries. This helps in restoration and hence is the first product in the list.

・Resistor – This is used to regulate the flow of current in the circuit. This is used to give a specific voltage to the device while reviving batteries.

・Charger – Any good quality charger will work in this case. This charger should be compatible with the multimeter and the resistor to fix a phone battery that won’t hold a charge anymore.

・Adhesive – When the whole process of reconditioning is done, the adhesive comes in use to get the battery together.

・Portable power bank – This is the most important item in the whole process. The portable power bank provides charging to the battery where no power source is available.

Where to Get a New Phone Battery if You Are not Willing to Fix DIY?

Cell phones are some of the most important devices we use in our lives today. The communication in all forms- texting, voice calling, emailing, etc. is all done through this device.

We keep connected with the outside world with the help of these excellent devices. It becomes really difficult when the cell phones stop working or do not perform to their optimum power due to battery failure.

When the phone battery dies too quickly and does not last the whole day, it is time to change or replace the battery if you don’t want to restore by yourself. It is crucial that you check for the warranty.

If the failures happen during the warranty period, it is best to get it replaced via the cell phone providers. It does not have any cost getting it replaced via the manufacturers. The cell phone will be sent to their customer center and will reach you in a few days.

If the battery is already outside the warranty period, then buying a new one on your own can be done via online purchase.

Make sure that the same battery is ordered using the tech platforms that are experts in dealing with them. There are thousands of batteries that are listed on these platforms.

To ease the search, look under the category with the same manufacturer. These online platforms are mostly inexpensive, but make sure that cost does not affect the choice you are making.

The right battery should be chosen because any cheap or inexpensive battery might be unsafe for use.

Here’s the Next Step

Now that you know the important facts about batteries for cell phones, you are equipped with the knowledge on how to revive them. Simply send over your email, and we’ll share with you the steps on how to recondition a cell phone battery.

It’s as easy as that. It won’t cost you a thing. This knowledge and skill will help you in saving money in the long run as you don’t have to replace your cell phone battery too often.