Battery Reconditioning Kit

The design of the cars has evolved over the years, but the battery remains somewhat the same. The car batteries provide power to these vehicles to run on the roads and continuously provide service.

The batteries often work fine when they are still new, but they begin to deteriorate after some years of use. Many of us face problems when it comes to starting our cars.

This may be because of the battery. That is why it is important that you know how to use a battery reconditioning kit and learn from EZ battery reconditioning method.

We often think that the best way to deal with this situation is to replace the old battery with a new one. This action involves a lot of costs. The great thing is that there is an alternative to it.

To save money and also have a fully functional battery, you can make use of tools which will revive the old battery so you won’t have to buy a new one.

Most of the batteries used are lead-acid batteries. These provide power to many vehicles. These batteries run with sulfuric acid and are spill-proof. They often do not require a lot of maintenance and run for a few years before it requires reviving or replacing.

The batteries often ask for recharging for them to continuously run without any problem. The recharge for these batteries is done in no time, but when the power goes down, then regular recharging of these batteries won’t work.

Steps to Revive a Battery

People always ask how to recondition batteries for free? Because buying a new battery cost lots of money. But here is where you can learn how to below.

There are many simple ways in which these batteries can be revived. These methods will require step by step actions which should be undertaken only after the safety precautions are in place.

Method 1 : This one is known to be the best method for recharging old, defused batteries. For this, the battery reconditioning kit will need a modern charger that uses the latest technology to provide power to the batteries.

The chargers almost have that magical effect on the dead batteries. There is a guide that comes with a specific setting that charges these batteries.

These powerful chargers do not require any unscrewing and opening up of the old battery. They can get connected to the battery externally and simply provides it charge.

Method 2 : This is a highly powerful way which brings back any dead battery. There is some equipment that will be required in this method.

The tools for this method are:

・ A good battery which is 12.2 volts

・ The battery that needs to be revived 

・ Voltmeter to check the power or voltage

・ A watch or a timer to keep track of time

The process involves connecting the good battery to the old one. Allow the charger to be connected to the good battery and start charging. Leave the three in connection for about an hour. Check the dead battery for any signs of heating up.

Normal heating up means that the battery is picking up charge and it should be left for continuous charging. If there is extreme heat, then the batteries should be disconnected.

Check the old battery with the voltmeter. If it has reached 10.5 volts, then it is a good time to connect the charger directly to the old battery to revive it. This is an indication that the battery has started to pick the charge and is capable of working on its own.

Allow the battery to be charged for 2 hours and then recheck the volt. For a full charge, the battery might take longer hours. However, before the process is started, it is best to check the battery for any leakage and damages.

Since the battery is not opened, it is not required to be checked internally as a part of this process.

Method 3 : Deep reconditioning of the batteries is done with this process. Check the battery for any traces of damage or leakage. When there aren’t any, it is time to revive the dead battery.

Remove the battery covers with the help of a screwdriver. Use gloves and safety goggles when you are doing this. Make sure that no debris falls under the opened battery.

Fill the battery with fresh distilled water. Tap water should be avoided as it is not clean enough. Use a funnel to fill water in the battery so that it does not spill. Keep extra water since the size of battery will dictate how much water will be required to fill the battery.

Use a rejuvenator to charge the battery. Check the battery plates. There should be no traces of sulfates. The rejuvenator helps the battery revive its lost power.

It may take some time for reviving the power to return. The battery should be left out in the open when doing so and try not to leave it unsupervised at this time.

Now, make use of the voltmeter to check the volts in the battery. The battery cannot be used immediately if until it shows the right voltage. Record the reading and leave the battery for few days.

Now test the volts again, this should be repeated for a few times, and if the volt reading comes to be the same, it means that the battery is not losing charge. It is now revived to be used for powering vehicles or equipment.

Next Steps

Make sure that all the steps are correctly followed and with protection guidelines. The processes are also long and might involve a lapse time. Allow the battery enough time to revive and do not rush as it may spoil the condition instead of improving it.

Reviving old batteries is an environmentally friendly way to address the problem with dead batteries, so they don’t end up in landfills.

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