How To Start Battery Reconditioning Business

It is a good option for a part-time business if not a full time one. Since more and more people are becoming eco-conscious the battery is now not thrown without thinking about the damaging effects that it can cause to the environment.

Thus the business opportunity of reconditioning the dead batteries has become very popular. There is a lot of need, and the process is not very complicated which has become the reason for its popularity.

Let us share with you some of the steps that you can take to start a battery reconditioning business.

Why is This a Good Idea?

The cost-effectiveness is also an essential factor in increasing the preference towards this business. The cost of buying a new battery will be around $70 or $80.

The cost of getting the old battery reconditioned will be about $35. You would obviously want to get it reconditioned instead of getting a new one.

Many think a lot about the ways to launch a battery reconditioning business but do not know where to start from.

This page will help budding entrepreneurs to get a clear idea of what they should do. Every business requires patience, and hard work in the starting and this one is no different.

The reconditioning will not fetch you secure customers and easy money. You will have to prove your worth first.

The business, in a nutshell, is fetching old batteries and reviving them to work for few more years.

Yes, it is important to understand that even the revived battery comes with a lifespan which is just a few more months or max a year.

It is one of the most untouched businesses as it does not have a very regular format. The changing scenario has changed the way people look at it, and now there is a good plan on how to get started.

Also, this review page will help you to get an idea to launch your own battery reconditioning service.

Knowing What You Have to Do

You cannot be dependent on others when you are starting your own business. You need to find out what the right process is, what equipments you will require and what kind of resources will be required.

There is no certification course or any guidelines for the business. There are many guides which can provide great insight and get the person confident about the know-how.

The core skills that revolve around this business is removing the battery, measuring the capacity, reconditioning dead cells and reviving it with safety as the priority.

The skills are not hard to learn but what one needs is an experience. It is crucial that there is precision in work and the focus is not lost.

Create a business plan

Knowing what you are aiming for and then know how to get there. Every business needs a business plan, and the battery reconditioning business is no different.

The business plan should have predefined goals, the set objective, and the financial viability. The other parts of the plan will be the strategy to promote business, an estimate of income and expenses and the knowledge of break even.

The business plan may sound vague at the start, but it is an important element which keeps the business directed towards something. It comes as a checkpoint to know where you are headed.

Legal formalities

The business should be started legally for it to run smoothly. The registration of the business name thus becomes important.

Know what the requirements of the state are and get them in place before generating any service or revenue.

Get all the licenses and keep the papers in perfect order so that there are no complications later.


Knowing where you want to start. A good advice is to start small. Since the reconditioning business does not require a lot of space, it is best to use the spare open space at home. It can even be started from the garage and then ahead when the time is right.

Starting from home will also reduce the setup cost. Make sure that you can differentiate in your expenses and keep a separate account if you are working from home.

Buy the right equipment

The list of equipment will be available with the guides. Know your budget and get the right equipment within that budget. You will need a voltmeter, reconditioning charger, analyzer, hydrometer, drills, clips, testers and a few other things.

To know people about what you do

Marketing the business right is very important. Many users these days have creative ways of doing it. Everyone in the geographical location should know about you. This will help you find clients easily.

If you are ready to scale up, you can put your business online and find new markets. You can also use newspaper ads to reach the maximum customers and leave a number so that they can contact you.

What’s the Next Step?

To know more about starting a battery reconditioning business, send me an email, and we’ll share with you more details and information on how you can get it right.

Again, you don’t need to have a degree or highly-technical knowledge. What you need is patience and the willingness to learn.

In the process, get as much experience as you possibly can. That way, you can learn more about the business.