Battery Chem VS Epsom Salt: Which Is Better?

Our car batteries can fail at any point in time. What are we supposed to do by then? Do we go and buy a new car battery? That’s going to cost us a fortune. It’s a good thing that there are ways that we can attempt to revive a dead battery. While it may take some time doing the whole process, it is a lot cheaper compared to buying a new car battery.

Let us share with you what we know about reconditioning car batteries and some of the chemicals we can use to rejuvenate it. In this article, we will look at Battery Chem vs Epsom salt, and see which one of them is more effective in bringing dead batteries back to life.

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is not a salt like the ones we use in our kitchen for cooking. It is a pure mineral called Magnesium Sulfate. It has many uses and many benefits for various uses and applications. One of its uses includes that of reconditioning car batteries.

Battery reconditioning Epsom salt can be mixed with water to form a solution. This can then be placed into the cells of the battery. This solution helps in dissolving the sulfur crystal build-up on the battery’s lead plates.

As you may already know, this sulfur crystal build-up condition is called sulfation, and it happens to lead-acid batteries over time. It also occurs when you leave your battery unused for quite some time. Sulfation is the common reason why batteries fail and eventually die.

There are several ways to combat sulfation, and that is through the use of the Epsom salt solution. When the solution is in the battery cells, it can break apart the sulfur crystal build up and allow the battery to be responsive again. This means you can charge it successfully because it will now be able to hold its charge again. Its overall performance will also improve.

You can use this method of reconditioning your car battery not just for when your battery starts failing but also as a step for preventive maintenance. It is important that you check your car batteries regularly and recondition them once a month or whenever you leave them unused for some time. This will help lengthen their life so you won’t have any problems with your car battery failing or the battery going flat too soon.

Overall, using Epsom salt is a very affordable solution to fixing a dead battery. You only need time, patience, a few knowledge, and skills on reconditioning batteries, and you are set to use your battery again. No need to buy a new one. That will save you a lot of money.

What is Battery Chem?

Battery Chem is an American invention that is considered to be a green technology. It is a solid chemical additive that is designed to recondition your lead-acid battery so it can work well and for an extended period. You can use it for the batteries of your boat, truck, bus, cars, and other types of vehicles and equipment that use lead-acid batteries.

This product claims that you can use it to revive your dead batteries so you can save money doing so as it won’t be necessary to buy a new battery anytime soon. BatteryChem is the result of years and years of testing. It can supposedly extend the battery’s life for up to five years. Imagine that. You don’t have to waste your money buying new car batteries as frequently as you should as compared to not doing the steps to recondition it.

Battery Chem can keep the separators and the plates of your batteries clean, allowing them to work properly and keeping them in great working condition. It also protects the lead plates of the battery from sulfation which is common when batteries get older in time.

The product costs less than $20. That’s nothing compared to buying a new battery for your vehicle or equipment. The creator of Battery Chem also advocates his product as a way of saving the environment because you do not need to throw away your old batteries if you can rejuvenate them. They can still work for years before ever needing to buy a replacement battery.

Which One is Better?

Both are great solutions to fixing a dead battery. Both are very affordable, too. If you ask us which is better, it would be a hard decision to make as both are effective in reconditioning your failing battery.

We have to warn you though that not all batteries can be revived, especially those that have been damaged and corrosion has overtaken them. Recondition your used batteries at the very first sign of it failing.

The earlier the treatment, the better. Don’t wait for it to go completely flat before doing anything about it. These two are great for preventive maintenance for your batteries.

Next Step

Now you have an idea about Battery Chem vs. Epsom salt and what these two can do for your car batteries. You can use either one when it comes to reconditioning your old lead-acid batteries. The steps to do it are very easy.

If you want to know more about reviving car batteries, just email us, and we will send you more information about it. Also, if you have ever tried using Battery Chem or Epsom salt to fix your car batteries, we would love to your experience about it so do share your thoughts in the comments at HowToReconditionBatteries.Org