Benefits Of Battery Charger With Reconditioning Cycle

Batteries are important in our day to day life. We use it for our devices and gadgets that make many tasks much easier. Batteries are especially necessary and vital when it comes to our vehicles. Without them, it simply won’t start.

You may have experienced your car not starting before. Isn’t it frustrating? One of the ways that you can address this issue is by having a battery charger with reconditioning cycle. Let’s take a look at why it’s a good idea to have one!

When Will You Need a Reconditioning Charger?

Batteries are vulnerable to a condition called sulfation. When this happens, there are sulfate crystals that have formed on the lead plates of the battery. The consequence of this is that the battery won’t be able to hold its charge and your vehicle or equipment won’t start.

While sulfate crystal formation is normal for lead-acid batteries, if you leave the batteries unused for a long time, the formation becomes more solid and blocks the negative plates.

The active material of the battery is then reduced. This is where you start to notice that the performance of your battery is deteriorating. You shouldn’t wait for your battery to completely fail before you start using a reconditioning charger. Use it for preventive maintenance instead.

How to Combat Sulfation?

Sulfation has two types, one that is reversible and the other that is permanent. If you can recondition your battery early enough, it can still function like before. However, if you delay any treatment for it, the sulfation may not be removed, and it will be best to get a replacement unit.

At least by then, you know already how to take care of your battery so that you don’t have to throw away your batteries prematurely if you read our method of reviving batteries information from this article!

To combat sulfation, you have to use a battery charger with a feature for reconditioning cycle. This way, you can apply an overcharge to the battery. This can be done by applying a regulated current at around 200mA. The terminal voltage of the battery can rise from 2.50v to 2.66v per cell. Do this for around twenty-four hours.

By allowing the temperature of the battery to increase up to 50°C to 60°C during the reconditioning cycle, the sulfate crystals will break down and dissolve.

Benefits of Having a Reconditioning Charger

The cost of purchasing a new battery is high. If there are methods or techniques that can address the issues of a failing battery, then those are certainly worth a try. One of those is by using a reconditioning charger.

Reconditioning chargers are a cost-effective measure that can allow you to extend the life of your battery so that you can still use them. This way, you don’t immediately need to buy a new battery.

It is also a good investment to have. You may have to spend a bit on buying the reconditioning charger, but it would probably be negligible compared to the cost of buying a new battery unit. In doing so, you will save more money in the long run.

Another thing that you can do if you have the right equipment for reconditioning old batteries is to start your own battery reconditioning business. You don’t have to have a degree, certification, or license to start reconditioning batteries as a business. You just need knowledge, the right skill set, and a lot of hard work to succeed in it.

You can get batteries that are on the way to the dumpsite and most likely get them for free. You can then revive them using your reconditioning charger and then resell them as restored batteries. Many people are actually looking for this kind of batteries as they are much cheaper compared to new ones but still function just fine.

One thing to keep in mind though is that safety should be your priority. Check the used batteries for any signs of damages before attempting to refurbish them. If they have leaks of cracks, it’s best to dispose of them. Don’t risk having an accident while fixing old batteries. Always wear protective clothing and be cautious at every step of the procedure.

Other than the potential to have a battery reconditioning business, you are also contributing to the conservation of the environment by not throwing away old batteries and here is why!

Batteries have harmful chemicals in them that adds up to the growing pollution of the planet. You can do your share by trying to rejuvenate your batteries rather than throwing them away.

These are just some of the benefits of having a battery reconditioning charger can give you. You can save money, have the potential to earn more, and also save the environment from pollution. That’s a lot of gains for a small investment.

Here is Next Action

Having a battery charger with reconditioning cycle feature can give your batteries an extended life. It can serve you for years before ever needing to buy a replacement unit.
But you should know that some batteries are too beaten up that repairing just won’t be enough anymore. That’s why it is important to perform preventive maintenance instead.

If you have any questions about reconditioning chargers, don’t hesitate to email us. We’ll share with you more information about them to help you decide if purchasing one is the best option for you. If you have tried using these chargers before, do share your experience will us in the comments as well.