Advantages Of Battery Charger Reconditioning Mode Feature

There are times when we go on a trip, and we leave our vehicles behind, and when we return, we realize that it won’t start anymore. You would immediately assume that the battery has gone flat since the car hasn’t been used for some time. At that point, you shouldn’t immediately think about buying a replacement battery. There is still something you can do about it, especially if you have a reconditioning charger that has a battery charger reconditioning mode.

Checking the Battery

Before spending big bucks on buying a new car battery, check first if you can still revive it. Apart from checking that the battery doesn’t have any cracks, leaks, or other physical damages, also check your battery charger if it has a reconditioning mode.

Investing in a Reconditioning Charger

It would be great if what you have is batteries chargers with restoring cycle. That can help a lot in bringing your dead battery back to life. If you don’t have a charger like this, it’s time that you think about investing in one. It costs way less compared to purchasing a new auto battery.

When you already have a reconditioning charger, you can begin the process of reviving your car battery. Most often, the cause of why batteries go flat is because of sulfation.

Why Do Batteries Fail in the First Place?

This condition happens do batteries if you leave them unused for some time. While it is natural for sulfate crystals to form on the lead plates of the battery, you will have a problem with it if the build-up has solidified and the battery can no longer hold a charge. It would be deemed useless because it can no longer provide power.

The Desulfation Process

With a battery reconditioning charger, you can get rid of the sulfate crystal build-up so your battery can function again and you won’t have to throw it out. The charger works by sending low-frequency signals towards the sulfate crystal deposits. These signals or pulses break apart the deposits and eventually, those will dissolve completely. Your battery gets cleaned from the inside.

The battery’s lead plates are now clear, and there is more surface available for the needed chemical reaction for the battery to provide power to start your vehicle. Considering the cost of new batteries for your car, having a charger is certainly a more cost-effective option.

Performing Preventive Maintenance

You have to remember though that not all batteries can be saved. Some have suffered too much corrosion that there is just not much material left in them. That’s why it is important for you to conduct preventive maintenance on your batteries.

Allow the reconditioning charger to break apart the build-up once every month. You will extend the battery’s life this way, so you don’t need to keep on buying new batteries every time your unit fails to start your car.

Earning from Reconditioning Batteries

If you have the right kind of charger, you will not only be able to fix your car batteries, but you can even start your own battery reconditioning business. You don’t need a license or certification to fix old batteries. You just need your skills, knowledge, patience, and plenty of hard work. You will earn good money from it.

Many people are actually looking for reconditioned batteries because they are much more affordable compared to buying a new unit. You can get batteries that are supposed to be disposed of. If you are lucky, you might even be able to get them for free. You can then recondition those batteries and then resell them for a good price. Not bad for a side business, right?

Saving the Environment

Other than the gains of saving money from not buying new car batteries as well as the potential to earn well from reconditioning used batteries, you are also doing something to save the environment.

Every day, more and more batteries are being disposed of. They release hazardous chemicals to the environment. If you can revive old car batteries, then there will be fewer car batteries being dumped in the landfills. If everyone can do that, then the effect would be amazing.

Some Reminders

When you will be reconditioning battery, you have to remember to keep safety as your priority. Always wear protective clothing like goggles and gloves so that you are protected from the acid from the battery. It can be very nasty to your skin and eyes.

Also, fix them in a well-ventilated space as there may be hazardous gases coming out from the batteries. Read and learn as much as you can about battery reconditioning before attempting to proceed with the steps. It is vital that you know and are familiar with each and every step of the procedure.

Next Step

Having a charger that has a battery charger reconditioning mode feature has its many benefits. You can revive your old lead-acid batteries with it. You can help your family and friends by fixing their dead batteries.

And you can also put up a side business if you have a knack for reconditioning batteries. This will work out well if you like projects like this and if you want to earn some good cash from your skill and knowledge in fixing old auto batteries.

Just send us an email, and we would be happy to share with you what we know about it so that you can bring dead battery back to live and save some money!