Alternative Ways To Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Charger

how to cahrge a laptop?A laptop is an extremely versatile and compact version of personal computers. This useful of equipment is designed to be portable allowing users to bring it with them anywhere.

Laptops allow users to access their important files wherever they are, and anytime they would need them. However, a laptop should be charged at all times; it is a device powered by a Li-ion battery that eventually loses power.

For a user to keep it running, the battery should have enough charge. Otherwise, it will turn off or would not even turn on.

This article will introduce you to the alternative ways to charge your laptop if you find yourself in a situation that you need it to be charged and you don’t have its charger with you.

Unconventional ways of charging laptops that will be helpful in emergency situations where you need to access your files you don’t have the regular charger with you.

Getting to know these different ways of charging your laptop will also increase your awareness of how can you charge the battery of your device and get it ready for an upcoming event or presentation.

5 Ways of Charging a Laptop without a Regular Charger

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to charge your laptop for an important event or any event, and you don’t have your regular charger with you. Here are the alternative ways that you can do to make sure that you get your laptop ready for the big day.

You can also use these alternative ways in any event that your regular charger is failing and unable to do its job, which is to keep your laptop charged.

Charging a Laptop with a Universal Adapter

One of the most popular and straightforward alternative ways of charging a laptop with its regular charger is by using a universal power adapter. These universal power adapters are very affordable with price ranging between $30 to $150, and they are available in most of the retail electronic shops.

Every universal adapter that available in the market is equipped with plenty of different tips, and one of them is probably compatible with your laptop’s charging port. All you need to do look for that charging head and then plug it into your laptop and then start charging your device plugging it into an outlet.

However, you have to make sure that the adapter that you will purchase will have the compatible charging head with your laptop’s charging port.

Charging Your Laptop’s Battery with an External Charger

Another alternative way of charging your laptop with its regular charger is by using an external battery charger. These external battery chargers are powerful devices that are designed to be stand-alone chargers that allow laptop users to charge their devices without necessarily using the laptop’s regular charger.

They work by detaching the laptop’s battery and then charging it to the stand-alone device. After the battery is completely charged, the battery can be removed from the charger, and it is ready to be reconnected to the laptop.

These external chargers also widely available plenty of electronic retail stores all around the globe. Make sure to ask for the charger which is compatible with the model of your laptop.

Another great thing about these external chargers is that it will allow you to have spare batteries for your laptops where both of them can be fully charged.

By Using a Universal Air or Auto Adapter

If you are a type of person who spends a lot of time in your car, then this alternative is perfect for you. This is an alternative way of charging your laptop by using a universal air or auto adapter.

It works like a car charger where you can simply connect one end to your laptop and plug in the other end to your car’s lighter. After starting the engine of your vehicle, your laptop will also start to charge and get it ready for its big day.

These universal air or auto adapters are also available in plenty of electronic stores around the world and purchasing one of them is fairly easy. Don’t forget to ask for the one compatible with your laptop to make sure that there will be no issues will arise.

Charging a Laptop by Using a Solar Charging Kit

Purchasing a solar charging kit for your laptop is another great alternative way of charging your device without its regular charger. It is also a great way of decreasing your carbon footprint which is great for the environment.

A solar charging kit is a device that allows you to use the most renewable source of energy to charge your laptop. This device is equipped with battery kits and solar panels and them responsible for absorbing the solar energy from the sun and storing it then converting it to power that will be used to charge your laptop.

These solar charging kits are available in any electronic retail stores, and they are also available in different types, so make sure to purchase the one specially designed for laptops. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to charging your laptop which will also allow you to minimize your carbon footprint.

Using the So-Called Laptop Super Batteries

Another way to extend the runtime of your laptop is by using the so-called super batteries which can provide you power up to seven hours. Having a super battery will allow you to get your device ready for the big day since it is pretty easy to use.

With a fully charged super battery, all need to do is to remove the regular laptop battery and then replace it with the super battery then you will have power for your device for up to seven hours.

Super laptop batteries can all be charged by plugging the device into an outlet or by using an external charger. This is like having a spare battery which is way better compared to a normal battery.

Final Thoughts

Those are the five alternative ways to charge a laptop without using its regular charger. Methods that you can use for emergency purposes and to extend the runtime of your device.

All of the devices used in every method are available in electronic stores and very straightforward to use. As long as you are using the compatible device, then you will not encounter any issues.

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