Free Guide To How To Recondition Old Battery At Home Reviews

right place to learn how to refurbish your used batteries.Isn’t it annoying when you learn that your battery has gone flat at a time when you need your gadgets or your vehicle the most? Dead batteries are among the top problems that we face when it comes to things that we use.

Sure, you can just throw them away and get a new one. But what if we tell you that you can actually recondition them so they can still be used? That will save you a lot of money.

In this article, we’ll share with you how to recondition batteries to save you money and the hassle of finding a new one.

For most of us, the simplest way to ensure that our gadgets continue to function is by getting a new battery for it.

Since the easy knowledge of bringing a dead battery back to life again is not so widespread to the users, often we make the wrong choice and waste money in getting a new battery when we can still do something, so it continues to work.

It is important to know how beneficial reviving the dead batteries can be in comparison to just replacing them with a new one.

We can then be in a position to make an informed choice on what we want to do the next time we need a battery replacement for our gadgets.

Benefits of Reviving Old Batteries

1) Saves you money – The process of reconditioning the old battery cell is simple. It can be done using easy household materials and a few added tools. The outcome, however, can save you a lot of money. The cost of new batteries especially in cars and motor vehicles are a huge expense. But this can easily be curbed by this simple step.

2) Saves green energy – There are many ways in which green energy are produced these days, but the question of saving this energy boggles many. The batteries that are designed to save green energy can be a huge expense. Old, fixed batteries make a great storage option here. This way, not only will you be able to save money, but you will also save green energy which contributes greatly to the conservation of the environment in many ways.

3) Saves you trouble – Think about a situation when the current battery you have goes down, and you are in the middle of nowhere. Knowing about fixing batteries can help you with this problem. Once you know how to do it, it will save you the trouble and the inconvenience that dead batteries can bring.

4) No Investment needed – The process of learning how to repair old battery is available to anyone who wants to learn how to do it. There is also no need for huge machinery and a lot of investment. It can be started as a hobby, and the knowledge can be applied on simple occasions to start off. The skill is developed with each project that you take one, and the work can be carried out using inexpensive tools and equipment.

5) Money generation – Most of the time, the thought that comes to restoring the batteries is related to personal use. Something that is becoming more important in the whole battery reconditioning business world is a profession out of this skill. It is a simple skill, and there is a huge market space for this business for the ones who are serious about it.

Reconditioning dead batteries does not require any special qualification or professional experience. Like anything, you just need focus, practice, and simple tools to use along with the knowledge of reviving dead batteries.

Many people are not aware of the reviving method that can be applied to a dead battery. They often feel that it takes a lot of time and is a lengthy, complicated process requiring special training.

Ways to Restore Used Batteries and Save Money

saving money by knowing the tips.You may often take them for granted but most of the devices that we use today work on batteries. The T.V remote, Cars, Laptops, Cell Phones, and other appliances we use at home or work use batteries to power them.

Batteries have made our lives convenient as we do not need to connect our gadgets to an electrical socket all the time. However, there comes a time when the batteries need to be replaced. Most of us often discard the old battery and replace the gadget with a new one.

This is the usual practice because many users do not have any idea about the simple steps to fix the batteries so that they can still be used.

The guide we have prepared for you can save you a lot of money. When thinking about saving some money on reconditioning the battery, you must understand that it is different from simply recharging the battery.

Where recharging only provides limited power to the battery, restoring is a different process which revives the old battery to a renewed state. The steps are simple, and you can fix the batteries in no time.

Energy Saving and Type of Battery You Can Refurbish

A lot of the dead batteries end up in landfills. The awareness about environmental issues and the active involvement of the people in undertaking the change have led to the use of renewable sources of energy.

Many homes operate with these energy sources and require batteries to save these converted energies. There are many ways to rejuvenate the old batteries. The common knowledge, however, states that there are only two effective ways to do it.

One is with the use of a machine which can be purchased easily from the market and used in the reconditioning process. The second one is the option of creating this assisting machinery on your own.

If you know how to create this equipment, you can save money as it will cost a lot less compared to buying one. There are different ways to rejuvenate different types of batteries.

Here are some of the batteries that can be revived :

・Remote Battery

・Laptop Battery

・Car Battery

・NiCad Battery

・Lead Acid Battery

All these will have variations in which the batteries can be revived. The important thing to remember while reviving these batteries is the use of safety precautions.

These batteries are made of chemical or harmful power-giving substances that may lead to accidents while reconditioning. The ways that are undertaken for restoring should be safe.

The simple way to restore a battery is by using an old dead battery, or one can even buy a battery which is not very heavy in the pocket. The ways to rejuvenating batteries should be in accordance with the maker of the battery.

Find out the battery main power provider and replace the same with the old exhausted one. Provide charging to the battery and leave it for some time. Ensure that the battery is safely placed and no harmful element will hamper the process.

The rejuvenated battery might take some time to recharge compared to the running ones. The charging time of the car battery, for example, will be close to 10hours to 12 hours.

There are fast chargers available for the same which will complete the process in 6 hours. If time is not an issue, the slow chargers are just fine as they are cost effective. Use a Voltmeter to measure the battery levels.

The restoring will achieve 70% power to the batteries which are a great deal already as you do not have to buy new batteries.

How We Can Repair a Laptop Battery

laptop battery restoring process.The Laptop Batteries come with a time limit. The replacement of these battery cells with a new one is a costly affair. By knowing about ways to restore laptop battery, then you can increase the life of the existing product effectively.

The Laptop battery reconditioning can be done at home in a lot of ways. All these ways are simple and do not require any professional training. It is a preferred choice for many, and with the ease of execution, anyone can do it.

Guide to laptop battery reconditioning

1) This is a simple way to restore the battery, but before starting makes sure that there is no leakage. Now, take the battery out from the laptop and put it in a plastic bag. The plastic bag should then be kept in the freezer overnight. The bag should be kept for at least 12 hours and then taken out from the freezer. Remove the battery from the freezer and wipe it clean. Now use it with Laptop and recharge it. It will provide longer charging than before.

2) The laptops sometimes need resetting to increase the battery life. This can be done by and is very effective. First, recharge the battery 100% and then leave the laptop for some hours. The laptop should be unplugged and left for the battery to get drained when the laptop gets powered off leave it untouched for 5 hours. This process is known to provide higher battery life to the laptop. This also allows the laptop to show better battery levels.

3) Another important way of rejuvenating the better is by keeping the Laptop cool. The machine generates itself, and this heat is known to produce a negative impact on the battery. A fan for the laptop will keep the heat away and the battery safe. It will reduce the temperature around and is highly needed when the weather is warm, or the room temperature suggests it.

4) This one may sound weird but is highly effective. The laptop should be charged 100% and then left until the battery drains out till about 5%. Then the charging should be done again, and the laptop should be allowed to get drained. This process should be several times until the reconditioning levels are achieved. This provides a longer life for the battery.

5) This is another procedure which will require a removable battery option. The battery should be fully charged and then removed from the system. Leave the battery without use for some time to let the chemicals reset on its own. After some time the battery will show longer use.

All these processes are simple to do and do not require any additional support. Using these methods allow you to save a lot of money which otherwise would have been spent on buying a new battery.

However, you should remember to check that the battery is physically in good condition. If there are leakages or any spilled oil around, the battery should neither be charged nor should you attempt to revive it.

You will not have to run to the battery store every time you are in trouble if these simple steps are kept in mind. Making the right choice is not difficult.

You can try the other methods when one does not work. Make sure that there is a time gap between these methods so that the battery is not overused or overheated.

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Methods for Rejuvenating Car Batteries

restoring your old auto battery.For many of us, we find ourselves in a situation where our car battery dies at the most unexpected moment. When our car batteries need to be replaced, it’s going to cost money.

But something that you do not even think about is the fact that these batteries can be fixed to work as good as new. This option is not thought about because many of us do not even know what the process we should follow.

Let us tell you it is not a difficult task!

Our tips on ways to refurbish your automobile battery can be done by using simple steps. This proves the revival of batteries is not highly technical, and anyone who is serious and pays attention can understand the process.

Why do car batteries fail?

In car batteries, the lead sulfate is changed to lead and sulfuric acid before it is revived and recharged. In a situation where sulfation has occurred, the battery goes through a lot of changes.

These include lowered capacity, high temperatures, a long time for a recharge, and high deterioration rate.

In such situation, a better option is to use a high powered specialized charger that provides high current in the battery. The process may be started by checking the voltage of the battery.

These batteries are also in demand in the market which can become a good way to reclaim the cost of the equipment purchased. The biggest problem with batteries is the premature failure which is the reason why most people get irritated.

The answer to that is battery reconditioning. You should, however, make sure the fixing process is done in a safe and open environment and all necessary safety precautions are undertaken.

What are car batteries made of?

Before you start restoring the car batteries, you should know what these batteries are made of. The car batteries are mostly made of Lead and Sulfuric acid electrolyte. The car batteries come in two different types.

・Sealed Cell

・Flooded Cell

The sealed batteries are the latest ones that come with covered cap and last in service for about two years without much requirement for maintenance. The flooded type is the older type of battery and is filled with distilled water.

The battery would work fine for 4-5 years but it needs to be checked regularly, and the water level should be maintained and checked periodically.

Both these battery types can be fixed in simple steps

1) Check the voltage of the battery with the help of a multimeter. The voltage anywhere above 11.8 volts is a good condition to start the rejuvenating the battery. If the voltage is below 11.8, then it might not be a good idea to use the method.

2) Heat distilled water about half-liter until it boils.

3) Now add magnesium Sulfate to the water and give it a nice stir so that all of the magnesium dissolves in the water.

4) Now for the flooded cell, take away the battery cap and pour out all the content in the battery. For the Sealed cell, make a hole in using a drill and remove all of the previous electrolyte content from it.

5) Now by carefully placing a funnel on these opening, pour the electrolyte solution in them. Make sure it’s new. (Magnesium Sulphate added with distilled water)

6) Now close these cells, putting the cap back on the flooded battery and by plugging the hole in the cell which is sealed.

7) There should be no air bubbles inside the cell; the new electrolyte should be distributed evenly.

8) Charge the new battery for some hours and leave it for some time to cool down. The battery should now be in a condition to perform just like new.

The important equipment that is used in the whole process is the vehicle battery charger. If you are thinking of turning this hobby into a profession, then buying the charger is a good option. In other cases, these chargers can also be borrowed.

Another thing to remember is that safety should be your priority no matter what. Ensure that before starting any step, gloves, and necessary safety equipment are handy.

Be careful not to spill oil or solution around the battery. Charging should be done when the battery is dry enough, and no traces of the water solution are left on it.

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All the devices that we use today come with a battery. These batteries are often rechargeable, but after sometimes they lose their power and stop charging.

We often resort to using new batteries and replace the old ones. This is because not many of us know the ways to bring the dead batteries to life. Use of new batteries is an added expense.

A better way to deal with the situation is to make use of the restoring process which is simple and time and money-saving. This skill will also give you control over situations when your car battery fails.

Instead of panicking, you will know what needs to be done.

Battery Types

Before you start to rejuvenate the batteries, it is an important to know the different types of batteries available.

・Nickel Cadmium

・Nickel Metal Hydride

・Lithium Ion

Make sure that the dead battery is clean. Use battery post cleaner for cleaning the positive and the negative battery post and get rid of any dirt or corrosion.

This is the important step to maintain safe use of the battery :

Step 1) It is important to check the voltage of the dead battery. This shows any dead or weak cells in the battery. If there are any, then they should be replaced. Otherwise the power will not be high, and it will not bring desired results.

The voltage is checked with the use of a voltmeter. The two wires on the voltmeter are attached to the positive and the negative post, and in about 10 seconds the reading is noted. A reading of 12 and above is a sign for moving ahead with the reviving.

Step 2) Remove the cap of the battery, this can be done with the help of a screwdriver. It is a good idea to check each cell after the cap has been removed. It shows which ones are sullying to the volts. When the cell does not show volts may be switching it will be a good idea at this stage.

Step 3) After the cells the battery should be restored. It is done by adding the required chemicals to it. Epsom salt is used in the case of a lead battery. This should be done on all the cells. The chemical should be added with the help of a funnel to avoid spilling. The chemical is dry, and it gets easily spilled, and the better way is to provide a flow using a funnel.

Step 4) When the chemicals are in all the cells, the battery caps should be put back on, and the battery should be left for charging. It should be charged for 24 hours straight. After 24 hours a good conditioned battery will be available to the user.

The process is simple but requires some time. It is a money saving and can be done by anyone who is willing to take on the task. The most important part of the process is, however, ensuring safety.

You should avoid wearing any jewelry when working in the reviving process. Use a pair of safety goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands.

Make sure that you know which lead should go to which terminal. If you are confused, or you don’t feel too confident about doing it yourself, you can always ask for help from an expert mechanic.

Here’s What You Can Do Next

giving you a solution.You may be doubtful about reviving old batteries. When the batteries stop operating, the obvious next step is to discard the dead battery and buy a new one.

Replacing the battery comes as an obvious option because most of us do not know the steps of how to recondition batteries. This simple but helpful knowledge which can be acquired through a paid course can bring in a lot of benefits.

Just to make things clear reconditioning is different from recharging. Recharging is a simple step of providing power or charge to the battery so that it runs well.

To understand the process you must know that almost all batteries can be fixed, this includes the latest technologically advanced ones as well. Go to EZ battery reconditioning review to find out the best way to cope with dead batteries.

Restoring any battery for sure saves a lot of money, and since it can be done at home. It is not very time consuming as well. It requires some time, but you do not have to set aside hours to get the job done.

The knowledge you have learned can also be converted into a hobby. Most of us like to take matters into our own hands. This interesting hobby can also be converted into a profession if you take it seriously.

Some so many people would love to use your expertise to revive dead, old batteries and you can earn some easy money doing it.

It will then be beneficial for you in the long run as it will help you with saving money and if you opt to turn it into a business, you can certainly earn from it.

Also, if we use the methods to restore dead batteries, it will also help in conserving the environment as there will be lesser batteries that will end up in landfills.

Using new batteries and discarding the old ones are harmful to the environment. The green energy conservation can also make use of these old batteries in restored format.

Restored batteries also provide you power in case of a sudden breakdown. Instead of panicking and running around for help, you will know some tricks of the trade which will empower you to bring the right kind of solution to a serious situation.

If you want to know more about reviving old batteries, submit your email and we will send you more free information about the process!